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Our Story and Mission

NFinite Pursuit is a company founded in San Marcos, Texas with the sole purpose of making health and fitness convenient and affordable for the individual. We want to improve the overall health of our population by taking the stress, time, money, and intimidation out of getting healthy. At the core of NFinite Pursuit, we provide on-site fitness classes to residential communities, businesses, and other organizations. We work closely with the management team to develop customized health and wellness programs to meet the wants and needs of the people at each location. By creating a mentality of constant growth and development, our passion is fueled through transforming the fitness industry and focusing on making fitness convenient and affordable to everyone.  NFinite Pursuit has a large, diverse database of fitness professionals with the knowledge, skills, and passion to make a difference to you and your community.


Jackson Belcher


Jackson Belcher is the owner and founder of NFinite Pursuit. While going to Texas State University for his MBA, he became a certified personal trainer and was finally able to channel his passion into helping others achieve their fitness goals. As his passion for helping others grew, he created NFinite Pursuit as a means of impacting lives on a much larger scale. Jackson created the name NFinite Pursuit to encompass motivational sayings such as “Never Give Up,” “Never Be Satisfied,” and “Never Stop Growing.” NFinite Pursuit is not just a name, but a way of life. Jackson’s vision for NFinite Pursuit is to be more than a company that trains people physically, but also motivates the individual to grow in all other aspects of their lives. If you ask Jackson what he is most passionate about, it’s spending time with his friends and family, throwing axes, spending as much time as possible outdoors, and pursuing personal development. 

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Jackson Belcher - CEO and Founder
Brandon Hill - VP and Co-Owner

Brandon Hill


Brandon Hill,  Executive Vice President/ co-owner at Nfinite Pursuit, is a hands-on leader who focuses on making sure that the service within all of our locations is known by all and that we are impacting someone’s life everyday. Hill believes that by making an impact on someone positively your business and the world will sell for you. Making a positive impact is like a domino effect, there is no better feeling than the gratitude that comes from others being successful. Before joining NFinite Pursuit, Hill started the sister company Crave-It Nutrition. Crave-It Nutrition services Central Texas offering affordable prepared meals delivered to individuals homes or work offices. He graduated with a BS in Exercise Physiology from Texas State University.

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