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Our Ideal Client

Our ideal client is someone is looking to get stronger, lose weight, perform at a higher level, or improve their overall health. They are committed to change and excited to see results. If this sounds like you, please contact us today for your first free assessment.

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Results Driven

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We save you time & money by training you where you live or work.

Reach Goals Faster

Our trainers have the expertise needed and provide the right amount of push to help you reach your goals faster.

Safe & Secure

All of our trainers are well vetted and credentialed before they are able to train with us.


Your training program will be custom tailored to your specific needs and limitations.

How It Works

1) Tell Us More

Tell us what your fitness goal is, when and where you want to train, and any additional information we may need to know.

2) Pick a Package

Pick the training package that works best for your budget & training frequency.

3) Start Training

We will introduce you to your trainer and get you started on your fitness journey.

4) Reach Your Fitness Goal

You’ve made the investment and now it’s time to see the results!

Online Program Offer

Click here for a Free 4 Week Muscle Building Program. This can be done at any facility that has limited equipment and will help you get the results you have been after! Formulated by our very own NFinite Pursuit Exercise Sports Scientist you no longer have to worry about whether or not you are following the right advice.

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