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Improving Our Nation’s Health One Community at a Time

Our Ideal Community

Our ideal community is looking to add value to their residents’ health and living experience by offering weekly fitness classes, personal training, & social events. They realize that these amenities are vital to building community engagement, keeping occupancy high, and ensuring each resident as an amazing living experience. If this sounds like you, we would love to partner with your community, so contact us today.

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Increase Resident Retention

A resident that knows at least 6 of their neighbors is 70% more likely to resign!

Attract New Residents

Social amenities like fitness classes help a community lease up on average 23.1% faster than the competition.

Higher Satisfaction Rating

Be ready to get more positive reviews and community shout outs.

Saves You Time and Stress

We help take care of the marketing and management for you.

How It Works

1) Send Survey

We create, monitor and interpret the fitness class survey to ensure your on-site schedule fits your residents wants and needs.

2) Finalize Schedule

Using the results, we create the most optimal schedule for your community. Once we get a thumbs up, we get to work.

3) Promote Schedule

We provide a flyer, and our own text and email automations to help make your program successful.

4) Higher Occupancy & Retention

Now it’s time to reap the benefits of happier, long-term residents.

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